Translations of Mastering Bitcoin

Mastering Bitcoin’s first edition has been translated into different languages by a team of volunteers.

You can find more information or join one of the translation teams on Transifex. Translating “Mastering Bitcoin” into your own language is probably the best way to learn about bitcoin!

If you decide to download a free copy, please consider making a donation to support the author Andreas M. Antonopoulos.


NEW! — “Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Czech

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Chinese (Simplified)

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Spanish

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Brazilian Portuguese

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Greek

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Japanese

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Hungarian

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in French (Incomplete)

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Italian (Incomplete)

“Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” in Russian (Incomplete)

Where’s the English PDF?

You can read the English version of this book on Github. It is available as source code for each chapter, not as a convenient PDF version, but it is available for free under the same license (CC-BY-SA)


The translated edition of the book is titled “Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition” and is available under an open source license (CC-BY-SA). You may copy, share, read, print, mashup, quote or sell these books in any country.


Creative Commons License
Mastering Bitcoin Open Edition by Andreas M. Antonopoulos LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.